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Digital Twin enables campus management, safety and security planning, sustainability initiatives, blind-spot analysis, and way-finding through advanced Indoor GIS and AI video analytics. Use Digital Twin for real-time asset tracking, people management, and optimized resource allocation.


Campus management, live attendance, and way-finding.

Create detailed and interactive maps of the university campus. This can include buildings, parking lots, green spaces, and other key infrastructure. Manage and monitor facilities, including maintenance schedules, energy consumption, and space utilization. Enhance emergency response planning by mapping evacuation routes, emergency exits, and critical facilities. It can also help in visualizing potential risks and planning for them.


Track the movement of students and staff within buildings, allowing for better understanding of traffic flow and space utilization. Track and manage university assets such as equipment, books, and resources in real time, improving inventory management. Provide students and visitors with indoor navigation services, helping them find their way around campus buildings efficiently.


AI algorithms can analyze historical data to predict trends in student enrollment, resource usage, and facility needs. This helps in proactive planning and resource allocation. AI can optimize scheduling of classrooms, labs, and other facilities based on historical usage patterns, avoiding conflicts and maximizing efficiency. AI-powered video analytics can enhance campus security by detecting unusual activities or identifying potential security threats in real-time.


Develop dashboards that provide a real-time overview of key metrics, such as occupancy rates, resource usage, and security alerts. This facilitates quick and data-driven decision-making. Implement user-friendly applications and interfaces that leverage AI and IPS to enhance the overall experience of students, staff, and visitors on campus.


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