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Deliver personalized experiences using real-time location-based services, optimize resource allocation and ensure the highest standards of security and safety with predictive analytics and ERP. Adopt data-driven decision-making, personalized marketing, and a sustainable approach to energy efficiency.


Enhance guest experience, energy efficiency & resource planning.

Geo-analytics of Digital Twin can be applied to understand the surroundings of the hotel, helping management identify nearby attractions, restaurants, and services that can enhance the overall guest experience. IPS can be used to provide real-time location-based services to guests, such as navigating them to their rooms, amenities, or points of interest within the hotel.


Map and manage hotel assets and inventory, facilitating better tracking and maintenance. Track the movement of assets and inventory within the hotel, reducing the risk of loss or theft. AI-driven predictive maintenance can help anticipate when equipment or facilities might need attention, preventing downtime and ensuring a smooth guest experience.


Geographic information can be used to analyze the local climate and environmental conditions. This information can be integrated with hotel infrastructure data to optimize energy usage. Understand the patterns of foot traffic within the hotel, allowing for more efficient management of lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on occupancy. Predict occupancy patterns and suggest energy-saving measures, contributing to sustainability efforts.


Map out security camera locations, optimize coverage, eliminate blind-spots and use real-time tracking of individuals, helping in emergency situations and ensuring the safety of guests and staff. AI video analytics analyze security camera feeds for unusual activities or potential security threats, enhancing overall security measures. Use IPS to enable timely assistance for hotel guests and alleviate medical emergencies.


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