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AI-augmented surveillance for unattended baggage and optimizing queue management through real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Reduces congestion by optimizing the layout of airport facilities, crew management, and improved passenger navigation.


Enhanced crowd management and operational decision-making.

Digital Twin can be used for spatial analysis to optimize the layout of airport facilities, such as runways, taxiways, terminals, and parking areas. This helps in improving overall efficiency, reducing congestion and efficient aircraft movements, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Heat maps can reveal areas with high concentrations of people, helping authorities identify potential congestion points, crowded areas, or bottlenecks in real-time. 


AI can combine temporal data with spatial analysis can show when certain areas are more likely to experience higher foot traffic, enabling proactive crowd management during peak hours or events. AI-powered video analytics can enhance airport security by automatically identifying suspicious behavior, objects, or individuals, and alerting security personnel in real-time.


IPS can provide indoor wayfinding for passengers, helping them navigate through the airport efficiently, especially in large and complex terminals. By monitoring passenger movement in real-time, IPS can help optimize security checkpoint and immigration queues, reducing wait times and improving passenger flow. Track the location of assets such as luggage carts, wheelchairs, and other equipment, optimizing their use and ensuring they are readily available where needed. 


Optimize resource allocation, including electricity, water, and other utilities, leading to more sustainable operations. Digital Twin can help identify areas for renewable energy installations and also assist in optimizing energy consumption within airport buildings, adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on real-time occupancy and environmental conditions. Track and report the airport's carbon footprint, facilitating the implementation of targeted emission reduction strategies.


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